29 Sep 2018

We’re excited to be working on season five of Black Mirror

Black Mirror is a British science fiction television series set in the very near future and examines modern society and its relationship with new technologies – often in a dark and satirical way. Created by Charlie Brooker, each episode is standalone and set in a slightly different reality. The first two seasons aired on Channel 4 before the show was purchased and aired by Netflix in 2015.

Tarver Productions has produced a huge variety of soft replicas and murder weapons across several seasons of Black Mirror, including knives, baseball bats, trophies, paperweights, drill bits, statues, tasers and grave stones, and we’re pleased to be doing it again for season five.

For Metalhead (episode 5, season 4), we moulded and cast a series of replica Range Rover door interiors that were savaged by robotic guard dogs that had turned against their “owners”.