Casting is probably what Tarver Productions is best known for. Sophie Tarver has been working in this field for over 25 years and to date has produced replica items for well over 600 major feature films and television shows.

Whether it be a soft prop for a head hit, breakaway furniture for a stunt person to fall through or durable but safe weapons for actors to fight with, we are usually able to provide a fast turnaround from just one to hundreds of replicas. All items are bespoke and the materials are blended in-house with our own formulas to supply the best possible object for the action required. We pride ourselves on our replicas looking identical to the originals which is crucial when they are often seen on a huge screen. We can also supply wax breakaways in some cases, using another in-house formula.

Our Process

Preparing the mould for casting
Adding armatures
Closing the mould
Cast Removal